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For PPP loans, small-business owners should stop and think before seeking forgiveness

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) officially closed to new applications at the end of May after doling out billions in forgivable loans to needy small businesses around the country. Most of these businesses used the money to help pay their employees and other operating expenses while they navigated the unprecedented economic recession caused by the pandemic and related government shutdowns.

But PPP is a forgivable loan and now many small-business owners have started the process of applying for forgiveness with their lenders. But wait … should they?

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Maybe. But there’s another option that should be considered. Instead of designating its payroll costs to get forgiveness on its loan, a small-business owner can instead use those same funds to apply for another stimulus benefit: the Employee Retention Tax Credit

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Martini Lunch Might Be Uncared For For Eating Places In Danger

Over the past few years, the coffee industry has seen fast growth. Earlier individuals go to coffee retailers to spend some quality time with their liked one.

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Amazon’s Appstore lowers its cut of developer revenue for small businesses, adds AWS credits – TechCrunch

Amazon is following in the footsteps of app store giants Apple and Google with this week’s introduction of its Amazon Appstore Small Business Accelerator Program. The new program will reduce the commissions Amazon takes on app developer revenues for qualifying smaller businesses. Previously, Amazon’s Appstore took a 30% cut of revenue, including that from in-app purchases. Now, it will take only 20% from developers who earned up to $1 million in the prior calendar year. The program will additionally offer AWS credits.

This program’s structure is similar to Apple’s App Store Small Business Program, announced in late 2020, which reduced Apple’s cut to 15% for developers who earn up to a $1 million threshold, after which they’re moved to the higher 30% standard rate. This rate then continues as they enter the following year. Google, more recently, took a slightly different course, by lowering the commissions to 15% on the

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Wyoming Corporation Submitting

The search engines that preceded them shied away from the most radical implications of what they had been doing — particularly that the higher a job they did, the faster customers would go away.

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Small businesses can’t find workers. Newsom counsels patience

Gov. Gavin Newsom had a big challenge when he stopped in Oakland on Thursday to highlight, as his office put it, “small businesses roaring back as California fully reopens”: Many small businesses aren’t roaring back yet because they’re having trouble hiring employees.

That includes Graffiti Pizza, an Oakland restaurant where Newsom spun pies for the cameras capturing the photo-op. Owner Davina Dickens said it’s been really difficult to find people for the four open positions she has that pay $17 an hour. Until she can, she will continue to do everything at the restaurant from answering the phone to cleaning to managing the payroll.

“I know, from firsthand experience, a handful of people who don’t want to work because they’re getting unemployment,” Dickens said. “I don’t think the governor and I agreed on that one.”

They didn’t. Newsom and the other East Bay elected leaders who joined him preached patience

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Contraction of small business contractors: What’s prompting the drop?

A nearly decade-old acquisition initiative is drastically cutting the number of small businesses receiving government contracts, as awards instead fall into the hands of fewer and larger firms. The drop, which hit women-owned and veteran-owned businesses particularly hard, highlights the problems associated with the government’s purchasing practices.

A report from the Women’s Chamber of Commerce found that the federal acquisition process category management has led to a drop in the number of small business vendors participating in government contracting. Since 2017, small businesses showed a 24% fall. Women-owned suppliers dropped more than 22%, while veteran-owned suppliers dipped more than 17%.

“The contracts themselves are getting bigger and bigger and bigger,” Margot Dorfman, CEO and co-founder of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce, told Tom Temin on Federal Drive. “Small businesses can’t really compete as a prime, and the larger businesses are [taking advantage of] this.”

One of the ways category

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