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Reviewing The Resident’s Bill Of Rights With A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

In New Jersey, elder laws provide senior patients with the Nursing Home Resident’s Bill of Rights. Under the federal laws, nursing home administrators must protect the rights of the patients as outlined in the regulations. A local attorney helps families when their senior’s rights are violated.

The Right to Medical Care

Under federal laws, all nursing home patients have the right to medical care. The patients have the right to identify the doctor who they prefer to provide their medical care. The nursing home residents also retain the right to refuse medical care from any doctor who visits the facility. Any violation of the patient’s right to or right to refuse care could lead to penalties against the facility and its administrator.

Freedom from Abuse and the Use of Restraints

All patients in a nursing home have the right to protection against abuse and the use of restraints. Any instance …

How to Protect Copyrighted Material From Intellectual Theft

Company owners and employees alike work hard to create valuable products, services, and content for their businesses. What they create is theirs alone, which is why copyright protection laws exist to prevent others from profiting from protected intellectual property. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous individuals and companies out there are adept at finding ways to get away with this type of theft.

That’s why it’s so important to enlist the help of some professionals. A company that specializes in copyright protection can help protect your business from losing customers, clients, revenue, and more to copyright infringement. Read on to find out how.

Register Trademarks

Trademark registration lends credibility and legitimacy to copyright claims. Although unregistered trademarks can notify the public that the information is protected, it doesn’t actually have a real legal backing. All trademarks must be registered to be considered legally valid.

File a Patent Application

Provisional patent applications give businesses …